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sponsor me! [May. 31st, 2009|10:32 am]

Miranda Hill's Fundraising Page

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It's no secret [Sep. 9th, 2008|09:11 am]
I Freaking LOVE the Paralympics.
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From now on [May. 3rd, 2008|11:51 am]
All entries that aren't just pictures of cats will be locked... so if you're a friend or family member who reads this you'll have to get an lj account to see and comment on my posts.
You never have to update the thing, just have an account. Comment here so I can add you if you do sign up. Most posts are locked already...

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(no subject) [May. 2nd, 2008|11:46 am]
humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics

i slept in, and this is hilarious.

the end.

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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2008|09:33 am]
Grads Gone Wild is tonight.
I'm really excited, and kinda petrified, and am happy to be putting on my own shows of fun crazy music.

The aquarium looks awesome. Hope it sounds that way.

late! late to everything!

gotta run.

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Go vote for chicken! [Apr. 27th, 2008|12:39 pm]
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

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(no subject) [Apr. 25th, 2008|06:20 pm]
Things that Make me Laugh
coming out of the bathroom to have the cats lining up for the litterbox giving me a dirty look for taking so long.

Chicken falling off the bench/table/couch etc because she's so excited to get love and attention she forgets her bearings.

Me falling off my bike at the lights because I missed the pole I planned to steady myself on.

Crystal, crying out about her love of muffins while also being a complete militant convert to the raw food diet.

Raw Food blogs. "leave the wheatberries outside, and the angel of the sun will invest it with her energy"

Pauline Oliveros. Even though she's not generally considered funny. I think she is. Deep listening? hilarious!

Me being peer pressured by my roomate's salad and Crystals diet to put my burrito back in the freezer and have edamame and boiled eggs for dinner instead.

My plan to get to SF and the westcoast this summer by getting my friends there to sponsor me... and buy my ticket.

Dave, a bassist in my studio, who can count the number of letters in any sentence you give him instantaneously. Amazing. Hilarious. Especially when you pronounce words wrong to throw him. "hey Dave! I am a vegematarian who plays the saxamaphone!" "28, wait. saxaMAphone?"

Erberk, a Turkish pianist at school coming up to me and Alisa (Australian and New Zealander) and saying "have you heard of big fight in turkey? big war many years ago? celebrated today?" "um... Gallipoli? yeah, we've heard of that" "ah. well, i want to say, in Turkey is very big day, and we want not to fight this war either. we want to play cricket with the australians"
"Happy ANZAC day to you too, Erberk!"

things that don't amuse me
My young friend being stalked and the residential colleges coercing her to drop the restraining order.

That battle has begun in earnest. That is NOT ok.

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LOL challenge [Apr. 20th, 2008|03:10 pm]

I want to LOL-arsise this photo of Chicken..

I was thinking something along the lines of "i am waiting till ur sleeping" because she looks so freakish in that pic with the knives shining in the background. Maybe "the knives, they call to me" or something else in LOLspeak.

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i forgot the most important thing! [Apr. 19th, 2008|02:26 pm]

My teacher is a model in Esquire Magazine this month.
in a $5000 tuxedo.

We're the hippest studio ever.

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2 things [Apr. 19th, 2008|10:31 am]
1) the weather seems to have transformed from "hoodie and a jacket and a long sleeved tshirt" to "shorts and tshirt with oversized sunglasses" in the space of 3 days. It's amazing. I already have my brown arms white torso of summer well on the way, and i not only no longer need to wear my beanie under my helmet, I don't even need to wear a jumper over my tshirt when riding home at 11pm. Freak! How does this happen! I have no faith in it lasting. I'm still a Melbourne/Michigan girl at heart.

2) Don't remember my dreams from last night, but I do know that when my alarm went off I killed it because I was excited that the buffalo had started running.

3) (oops) The first ep of Dr Who season 4 was on last night, and the last ep of Torchwood season 2 is on tonight. I miss you Troy! I miss our geekfest tv watching where we'd both get the ridiculous meta references instantly and think they were as funny as each other. sigh. Last night while watching DR Who I was laughing out loud at the "london deserted because every christmas aliens attack" thing, and then realised I was in my house alone, and that no one here would possibly think that's as funny as I do. Sigh.
Watching Torchwod last week, my roomate was on her computer in the same room and spend the whole episode looking at me in awe as I talked to the television "oh, those women are totally lesbians, because they're not interested in Jack, oh! they don't move their heads so they're lesbian aliens! wait! no! they're victorian Torchwood! yeah! Lesbian Torchwood!" and then had to rewind to watch the dialogue that I'd missed by hypothesising all the geek data that was being thrown at me. heh.

4) Troy, I miss you for other reasons also. I swear. :)

5) (I'm over it, don't question me on my subject title) We're playing music set to clips of silent films in CPE, and one of them is "battleship Potemkin" Which, going by the music only, was full of cannons and war and exciting battle. We saw the actual movie and it was about the russian revolution! no war ships at all! I turned to the Trombonist to signify my dismay... (this guy is as close to a human version of comic book guy from the simpsons that is ever likely to live) and he replies "well, I hear "battleship" and instantly think that they'll be in space... " so I rename it "battlestar Potempkin" and suddenly it's much more interesting and he was shocked into silence by finding a fellow geek where he didn't expect one. Nyah! I hide it well.

6) today, hopefully, i will go to sleep happy knowing that i have a wireless router and a haircut. (crosses fingers)

7) had our first *real* rehearsal with Grads Gone Wild, and managed to end all our free interpretations of Graphic scores by playing perfectly consonant chords. Earle Brown's "december" actually ended with Ali Playing an E pizz, me playing a C pizz right after and then Crystal lsnding a perfect Cmajor chord strum. With no planning. Creepy.

we're slightly worried that we won't be all that wild...

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